§÷µñ¦>< Disclaimer
Nominet has asked me to point out that this is not a trading website. So, this is not a trading website. Now, call your dogs off! $ Free


§÷µñ¦>< Tape measure
Designed with estate agents in mind and can estimate any length up to four fifths of a cubit. $36.99


§÷µñ¦>< Chronological Decimal Calculator
Easy to use, calculator for use with the decicronal system. When it was decided to split the year in to decimal to make things easy this calculator would estimate multiple kiloseconds and divide these from the milliannum. $44.99


§÷µñ¦>< Car Phone Sock
Clever phone device to assist you in avoiding unwanted sales calls whilst you drive. Your phone is kept safely in this sock and it is almost impossible to retrieve it without both hands and a spare 5 minutes keeping you and the roads safe. $21.99


§÷µñ¦>< Snot Mug
For those mornings in your 70s kitchen, the council failed to upgrade whilst you still live on the 7th floor of your housing block. Its not dishwasher safe but that doesnt matter to you does it? $11.99


§÷µñ¦>< Conical Mug
When the need arises to spill that coffee all over your laptop, the smaller footprint of this recepticle makes sure that it happens when you least expect it. $12.99


§÷µñ¦>< Thermal Vest
This 1 tog summer vest is specially designed to keep the chillyness in and those warm summer days out. $109.99


§÷µñ¦>< Mittens
If your teenage offspring are putting themselves on a nighttime road to blindness, gaffertape these lil mitts on before bedtime and you can save on washing powder. $78.99


§÷µñ¦>< Beanie Hat
Perfect to match with the thermal vest, its a hat, yup, its a hat. A woolly, no polyester hat... well polyester is plastic, isn't it?! Ok Ok, it's a bit of plastic you can put on your head. Cure for baldnes it's not, nor is it waterproof, will it stop you freezing to death?....doubtful but it does come in black. $21.99


§÷µñ¦>< Holdall
Pack your bags, this strong tough holdall has almost but not quite enough room for everything you would expect to carry in this holdall, and at only 15kg its even under your baggage allowance on most flights. $289.99


§÷µñ¦>< Golf Umbrella
We all like to spend hours on the greens but when that nasty old weather comes in, youll need something to keep your eyefone and golf bats dry. $49.99


§÷µñ¦>< Tee Tin
The tin is designed to keep golf tees in but you would probably use it for just a few rizzlas, some Old Holborn and a half ounce of moroccan black. $13.99


§÷µñ¦>< filofax
Step back in to retro style, this manual pda is fantastic. buy one today, doesnt need charging, wont break if you drop it and the handwriting function works properly. $89.99


§÷µñ¦>< Balloon
Lets face it, its about as much fun you can have with latex. Why not take out our extended warantee to ensure your balloons unburstability. Then if it deflates or bursts within 12 hrs of purchase we will send you a replacement plus 100 Korean Won cash. (balloons are manufactured in South Korea.) $19.99


§÷µñ¦>< 33G Flash
Industry standard usb drive, laser etched logo and dust cover. Comes complete with battery pack, carrying handle, dust cover and replacement steam valve. Requires 6 x PP9 batteries. Weight = 8.5Kg $289.99


§÷µñ¦>< 2G Flash
A USB drive with a difference, this readonly drive is filled with the §÷µñ¦>< website PHPBB forum and Mediawiki from 2002. Back in these days of old the forum and wiki had just been installed and was therefore clean and unmarked. $189.99


§÷µñ¦>< 16Kb Flash
This keyfob is handy for carrying .... that picture of your family, or the cat, or even the car,... but probably not all three. we chose this capacity drive back in 2001 for its budget price of only 129.99, today, Moores Law says that it should be cheaper, indeed it is, weve slashed the price by half. $64.99


§÷µñ¦>< Pair of Headphones
Turn up the cans man! the headphones that tell everyone on the bus that your serious about your music. Whether it is Jedward, Joe Dolche or even Johnny Mathis, you can plug in to your eyefone and pump these puppies to the max. (freq res 200hz - 10khz) $149.99


§÷µñ¦>< AM Transmitter
FM transmitters have only been around in the UK since legislation was changed in 2006 allowing FM to be used without licence, these AM units predate this and have a lower quality and range, therefore we suggest only using it within a faraday cage reducing the chance of radio interference. $59.99


§÷µñ¦>< Chocolate Fountain
Always a favourite at weddings and other parties, this chocolate fountain has been customised by the §÷µñ¦>< team to work in reverse, the chocolate runs upwards ensuring that the bottom of your strawberrys are fully coated. $399.99


§÷µñ¦>< Travel Plug
These are quite simply the must have attachment when traveling around the UK, converting a 13 amp plug to a 5 amp plug, so when you find yourself in a hotel room in those way out areas such as Devon, or Cumbria, you can unplug the kettle and use the supply to charge your eyefone. $17.99


§÷µñ¦>< Coaster x 3
Tired of using those badly burned §÷µñ¦>< cds to put your coffee on, get these coasters and never leave a mug ring on that WinUltimate7 disk again. $POA


§÷µñ¦>< 2006 Diary
Ok, Ok, we still have stock of these, they were really popular in 2005 as we sold 20 in December alone, so when we sold out we ordered a further 500 for the following December. Why not buy one as a gift for a friend, fill out tasks on each day and your friend can look back with fond memories. $11.99


§÷µñ¦>< Calander
2009 calander. we dont quite know why but this only has 6 months showing, and to be honest, they are not my favourite months. Now, take the July, it was a great month, weather was good, we went camping, and had a few good bbqs. is it here.....? no! $14.99


§÷µñ¦>< Office Tidy
Somewhere to keep all that crap like bent staples and that paperclip you opened. $17.99