Yeah, We got Pi!
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Cases, boxes, containers and protective wrappers.

A work in progress.(isn't everything?)...

Firstly before I start thinking about explaining what cases I use and what cases I'd like, and what cases I dont like... I would like to point out a safety feature I use on all of the pi units I now have. I had a mk1 b in a 3d printed case which was killed by a simple stray piece of metal made its way in and was rattling around the case and eventually shorting the power pins on the GPIO. Therefore as a precaution I always cover these pins with a FC-40C connector even inside cases.

These connectors are the same ones you find on a 3.5" hard disk ide cable so you are bound to find one. However they are not expensive to buy, I recently bought a pack of 5 for less than a bag of chips.


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