Yeah, We got Pi!
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On first impressions, this is great! The redesigned power handling seems to make the thing so much more stable, no crashes yet, and as for microsd (I have been using sd adapters) and 4 x usb, now this thing is unstoppable.

Ive put it in a ninga pibow case, Im impressed at such a nice forward compatible case that is, maybe room for a 3w audio amp or even a 12v-5v buck board with 12v 2.1mm socket to run directly from car battery. I cant decide where to glue the magnets. I have glued lr44 sized magnets to all my other little pis so I can stick em on the fridge n stuff. I can feel some warmpth on the underside of the case, I might have to help it out with some lil heatsinks for the cpus.

Shut up Stu, this is not facebook.

Of course, the B+ arrival has made not only your gpio work on this article duff, but alot of Model b machines and related items in general circulation obsolete. the raspberry pi foundation certainly didnt make any public release faux pas before it was distributed and readily available, at least here in the UK, I bought it from a reseller as opposed to the more expensive by 2 RS. A jolly good surprise it has turned out to be. Current draw 550mA inc wifi dongle.

the usb output is limited to 600mA, if you know you have a good strong power supply (> 2 amps) then you are able to enable higher outputs (1200mA) on the pis usbs. this will come in handy for usb powered 2.5" hard drives etc.


I need to take more pictures
Lets list the main points.
  • Main aim is reduced power consumption (100mA at idle).
  • Reduced price at the time of writing 15.50 from RS.
  • No ethernet and only 1 usb (no need for on board usb hub chip).
  • 256Mb of ram
  • Smaller footprint by 1/3rd
As the A+ uses less power it is better for projects working on battery power. Real time connectivity is a challenge and if you need to network maybe a B+ is a better option but a wifi dongle works fine if you dont need mouse and keyboard. As a timelapse camera running from a pp9 on a tree in the woods by the foxes hole, it's perfect.

Raspberry Pi 2B

I need to do a write up here, but its fair to say the pi2 has swapped a single 700Mhz core for 4 900mhz cores, and it feels like it. It is almost a fully usable computer, but it does still struggle with google apps and facebook. the new rasbian has a kernel for the new quad core as well as for the old single core so that means a fresh install is backwards compatible but old installs are as much as useless.

Raspberry Pi Zero
Well, that was a surprise! woke up on thursday to read the news of its release, then friday morning, it dropped on my doormat along with a Pimironi case, a microhdmi-hdmi cable and a few little otg adapters. right lets get this networked. more to come.


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