ff - 06:54 - 9th Mar
  test test test test test test  

ggggg - 01:26 - 26th Jun
  yaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhoh  

stu - 01:25 - 5th Oct
  just testing after reprogramming this message board to use mysqli rather than the old mysql_connect because they are deprecating it.  

test - 20:04 - 30th Oct
  just testing  

alun - 19:51 - 22nd Aug
  #Stuart know's best  

boo@jjj.ntr - 22:50 - 8th Jul

Karl - 18:47 - 18th Nov
  What a lovely animated gif you have.  

Christine Fuller - 23:53 - 14th Jun
  Hi, looks good. it all seems rather futuristic. what is happening next? We have an addition to the family now so we are rather busy. see you soon.  

Mark - 19:13 - 25th Mar
  Stu, can you ring me, I have some money for you.  

Jackie - 13:41 - 22nd Mar
  This looks good but when will it all make sense? Oh no! there I go with the deep questions again! :)  

mavis - 02:18 - 9th Feb

oi you - 01:10 - 11th May
  oi-u@s-t-u.eu the more I type that, the more i like it. its got a style to it. however, this is a message board of sin html so no links.  

s-t-u.eu - 04:15 - 9th May
  s-t-u.eu !! what kind of website is that? oi-u@s-t-u.eu  

stu - Apr 17, 17:55
  The stunix stu-rl shortner is now based in the root of stu-rl.eu - I will list all the public facing shortcuts somewhere soon and will retire the old evaluation one at stunix.com/x/* in about 6 months when everything has caught up. if anyone has been using the eval version alot (susi im looking at you here) then you may lose these links. the one at stu-rl.eu will stay..... forever... mwhhahahaha!  

stu - 10:22 - 29th Jan
  Ive shortened the link to my cv to http://v.gd/stucv now I have just got to update my cv.